SEED Capital Development Phases

Phase 1

SEED Capital Development Phases 1The government administrative centre needs to move to the new capital city at the outset. Therefore, the logical sequencing of phasing starts from the western end of SEED development. The developments that will come up around the government administrative core will be able to take advantage of the synergies and economies of scale that will be brought due to shifting of over a couple of thousands government employees and their families.
Key Development Projects
The administrative government core will be supported with residential, mixed use and office clusters.

Phase 2

SEED Capital Development Phases 2After having established the State Capital headquarters in Phase 1, there will be natural growth moving eastward along the already built downtown road. Functionally, this will house more commercial areas as the area includes part of the downtown, which is the high-rise high-density node within the SEED development.
Key Development Projects
Key projects in this phase include the Transit Oriented high density commercial node, 50% of the central downtown commercial area, a business park cluster and number of mixed use developments.

Phase 3

SEED Capital Development Phases 3Following up from Phase 2, the developments will be similar to Phase 1. The eastern part of the downtown core will be developed during this phase.
Key Development Projects
This phase will primarily focus on the downtown commercial and the eastern business park development. Phase 3 will create 4.04 million square meters of Gross Floor Area.

Phase 4

SEED Capital Development Phases 4The highest commercial value parcels are reserved to be developed in this phase. The Gateway Commercial node that will become the landmark development that welcomes the people while arriving from the Iconic Bridge across the river will be developed in this phase. The development of this phase will conclusion of the high density developments within SEED.
Key Development Projects
Key development in this phase include the gateway commercial node, multi-disciplinary university and mixed use residential clusters. The city wetland park will be developed in this phase.

Phase 5

SEED Capital Development Phases 5The final phase of SEED is strategically planned towards the public waterfront uses. Although it takes up the highest share of land compared to other phases, the idea is to have lesser intensity developments more catered to serve the catchment of the SEED, the city and the region as a whole.
Key Development Projects
This phase will focus on the iconic river Krishna waterfront and the island cluster. The waterfront houses the convention centre, indoor sports hub & iconic commercial blocks. The island will house 9.13 ha of downtown comm. clusters, golf course and villas.



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