Status Review on Krishna pushkarams

Review - Krishna Pushkarams
‘Krishna pushkarams’ are likely to commence on 12th August, 2016. The Collector, Guntur district Sri Kantilal Dande and the Joint Collector Sri Sreedhar have conducted status review in a video conference the preparation activities with the Tahsildars, Mandal Parishad Development Officers, Station House Officers, Officers of Panchayat raj, Irrigation, Municipal, Roads & Buildings, Rural Water Supply and Endowments departments in the 19 Mandals concerned. The Collector has instructed to identify at least ninety places where ghats can be arranged duly taking up joint inspection by Mandal level officers. The departments of R & B, PR and Municipalities have to develop all the relevant roads and provide facilities at their respective guest houses. The Endowments department has to provide infrastructural facilities at all the temples in the area. Shower bath arrangements have to be made at the bathing ghats. Toilets, urinals, dress-changing sheds have to be arranged at the ghats. Mesh has to be arranged as a protection to the bathing pilgrims. The district Officers concerned have also attended the video conference.

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