More townships in Amaravati region

More townships in Amaravati region
27 townships in and around capital Amaravati have been announced so far by the Government. Sri Narayana, Hon’ble Minister & Vice President, CRDA, now discloses that 9 more townships will be developed abutting the outer ring road proposed to be built in the Amaravati region. 210 kms of ORR is proposed to be built duly pooling several thousands of acres of land from the ryots. The ryots who have to surrender lands for the ORR have also to be allotted plots in the township areas. The 27 small townships may not be sufficient to accommodate these ryots. In this context, the Hon’ble Minister has made such a statement.

CRDA to oversee sales in pooled lands

The CRDA is extensively adopting information technology in land registration, identification of land owners and conferment of benefits on such owners of the lands comprised in the capital Amaravati area. 9.3 applications were obtained by the Government from the ryots while pooling the lands for the capital. Cowl agreements were signed under 9.14 by the Government on one side and the ryots on the other side. If any ryot, who has surrendered his land under pooling, has to sell away the said land now, he has to get naturally protection for his residuary rights over such land. Therefore, the CRDA has instructed that such ryot, if he wishes to sell away the land, has to necessarily inform the CRDA. By this arrangement, it is easy for the CRDA to transfer the residuary rights to the buyers of those lands. It amounts to recognition of the rights of the buyer. Finally, it becomes possible for the buyer to execute 9.14 agreement with the CRDA.


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