Land mafia

Land Mafia -Real estate news-amaravati region
After announcement of the capital Amaravati for the State of Andhra Pradesh, the land/site prices in and around Vijayawada and Guntur cities comprised in the amaravati region area are escalated. Consequently, mischievous land/site transactions have cropped in. The Police, Registration and Revenue departments are not responding properly on the illegal activities happening. As a result, the houses of those who left for foreign countries on business, etc., and who have kith and kin to take care of the properties are very much subjected to grabbing. Even the houses with occupants are put to illegal sales with fake documents.
Certain stamp vendors and document writers are supporting the illegal land/site transactions. They are using old stamp papers which were kept mischievously with them duly showing that they had sold them away. The Registration department officers are colluded with the land mafia. The Police department, even after receiving complaints, is not taking tangible action against the culprits.
Such illegal activities are widely found in offices of the Sub Registrars of Piduguralla, Vinukonda, Narasaraopeta, Prathipadu, Mangalagiri of Guntur district and Gandhinagar, Patamata, Gunadala, Movva, Avanigadda of Krishna district.


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