Hike in Registration user charges

Hike in Registration user charges - Amaravati Region
The Registration department has enhanced heavily the user charges in order to deliver quick and improved services to the consumers. These instructions have come into existence a few days ago. People come to offices of Sub Registrars in large number for registration (of sale of land/site, etc.) purpose but there are no minimum facilities to them. Registrations are now possible from any Sub Registrar’s office in the State of Andhra Pradesh. State is a unit for the purpose and the central server-computer is located in the head office of the Registration department now at Hyderabad. It is also felt necessary to increase the user charges in view of the necessary maintenance of the central server. Alternative server is also to be provided. Technical staff will also be appointed at the District offices. User charges have been Rs. 20-50 so far. They have been increased to Rs. 100. The registered documents can be viewed by consumers in the website of the Registration department.


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