Amaravati Region Updates Week52 2015

Necklace tourism city to Amaravati capital

Necklace tourism city to Amaravati capitalThe proposed Amaravati capital comprises Tourism city as its necklace. The tourism city is likely to generate a lot of employment. The primary constituents of the tourism city are five star hotels, resorts, entertainment centres and parks all along the Krishna river bund. Iconic bridges and Amaravati gateway will become relatively more attractive constructions. Three golf courses, Central park and International cricket stadium also find place in the master plan. Metro circuit with High speed, Metro and Suburban trains will run for a length of 112 Kms. In addition to Central Business District (CBD), Assembly, Secretariat, High Court and other Government offices will lie at a single location. Commercial complexes will have proper transport facilities. The city may become suitable for business besides tourism. The buildings will be modern and at the same time, they retain the cultural heritage of the Andhra Pradesh State.


Walking tracks in Vijayawada city

Walking tracks in Vijayawada cityA walking track developed from Polytechnic College to Ramavarappadu ring centre in Vijayawada city, amaravati region has been opened for the public recently by sri Sridhar, Mayor of the Corporation together with sri Rammohan, Hon’ble M.L.A., Vijayawada East and the Municipal Commissioner. The Mayor has stated that special steps are being taken to create a pleasant atmosphere in the city after the city has become the State headquarters. Several representatives of the Union government and foreign dignitaries are coming frequently to the city. The Hon’ble Chief Minister earlier suggested taking such measures. The Corporation has also developed greenery from Gannavaram airport to Benz circle at a cost of Rs. 6 crores.


Temporary Secretariat at Mangalagiri

Temporary Secretariat at MangalagiriMangalagiri is the new centre of the Andhra Pradesh State. The Government have decided that two-storied fabricated structures will be built in Amaravati Township near Mangalagiri to accommodate the Secretariat. The earlier proposals to establish the same at Gannavaram or Thulluru are dropped. The constructions at Mangalagiri will be in six lakh square yards. 110 acres out of 400 acres of land in the Amaravati Township is vacant. The township which was vested in VGTM- UDA is the property of the CRDA now. Keeping the proposed establishment of the Secretariat at Mangalagiri, 236 flats and 21 villas in the Rain Tree Park opposite to Nagarjuna University at a distance of 11 kilometres from the Amaravati Township have been taken on rent for two years for allotting as quarters of Ministers and higher officials. There are road transport facilities between the two locations.


Ten types of land use in capital amaravati

Ten types of land use in capitalThe Government have decided that ten types of land use are to exist in the Amaravati capital area. They are 1. Residential, 2. Commercial, 3. Industrial, 4. Recreational, 5. Region Park, 6. Transportation, 7. Utility, 8. Public, semi-public facilities and 10. Green-blue.
Several Commercial and Industrial centres will be established in 3,554 hectors in the capital city in such a way that employment opportunities will be decentralised. They would be located adjoining residential locations wherefrom the employees would travel to their respective centres easily. The ryots who have surrendered lands for the capital purpose would get plots in those commercial centres (commercial plots). Those commercial plots would fetch rate and thereby the ryots would be benefited much. Several categories of residential development will be in 6,910 hectors. Krishna River, ‘vagus’, ‘vankas’ and other water bodies are included in the green-blue network measuring 6,270 hectors. Non-motorised transport system would be beside the green-blue corridors that would be developed. Four metro corridors measuring a total of 108 kilometres will emerge.


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