Amaravati Region Updates Week05 2016

Bids for temporary Secretariat

Bids for temporary SecretariatBids for construction of temporary Secretariat, buildings are invited by the Government. The Government plan to construct temporary buildings for the AP Secretariat in Velagapudi village of Thulluru mandal by June this year and shift the staff to the new location at the new capital Amaravati. The Government may prefer fabricated structures for accommodating the offices. Meetings of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, Collectors’ conferences and such other programmes will be conducted in the temporary Secretariat. Such provisions are made in the designs. The estimated cost of the constructions is Rs. 180 crores. The Government provide loan to the CRDA for construction of the buildings. In future, the buildings will be at the disposal of the CRDA.


Three institutions to prepare Concept plans

Three institutions to prepare Concept plansThe CRDA has entered into agreement with 3 Construction planning institutions with regard to preparation of Concept plan for the proposed Government building complexes in the capital Amaravati. The three institutions are Rogers International, Makki Associates and Vaasthu Silpa. Those three will have to submit Concept plan by the end of the ensuing March. One Jury has been constituted to select the best among the plans that would be received. The Government want to start construction of the buildings by July this year and complete the work within two years. An extent of Ac. 900 is earmarked for those building complexes. All those buildings except the High Court building will be in the Seed capital. The High Court building will be outside it. The selected institution is likely to be entrusted with detailed designing work of the iconic buildings like Legislative Assembly and High Court. Detailed design work to other buildings may be entrusted to other institutions.


Central Government release 1000 crores to Guntur and Vijayawada

Central Government release 1000 crores to Guntur and VijayawadaFunds have been released to two big projects in Guntur and Vijayawada from amaravati region. Under-ground drainage project has been sanctioned to Guntur at a cost of about Rs. 904 crores out of which Rs. 540 crores is released by the Union Government. Flood water drainage project has been sanctioned to Vijayawada at a cost of about Rs. 461 crores out of which Rs.460 crores is released by the Central Government. The balance amounts have to be born either by the respective Municipal Corporations or the State Government. Urban Development Minister Sri Venkaiah Naidu has taken much interest to release the funds of Rs. 1000 crores from the Union Government.


Anti-social activities in Bhavani Island

Anti-social activities in Bhavani IslandThe Hon’ble CM of AP wishes to develop Bhavani Island as a world-famous wonderful tourism spot. But the Tourism Department has not been acting effectively to visualize the wish of the CM. In other words, they are ineffective in discharging their duties. No efforts are taken to attract the tourists. On the other hand, anti-social elements are not prevented in interfering with the administration of the Island. Political leaders are assaulting the Tourism Department officials often. One Manager at Haritha hotel in the island has been attacked recently. Contract and out-sourcing employees at the Hotel and in the Island are not being paid salaries. Higher officials are playing the role of spectators only. Excise, Coal and other businessmen and political leaders have made the Island a centre for their illegal activities.


AP Forensic Lab at Vijayawada

AP Forensic Lab at VijayawadaThe AP Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) will be established at Vijayawada. In the undivided AP, the Laboratory was at Hyderabad. After bifurcation of the State, the FSL at Hyderabad is bound to cater the needs of the AP and Telangana States. The new AP Government has been bearing 58% of the maintenance charges of the Hyderabad FSL. But the AP officials feel that the Telangana Government has not been extending proper cooperation to them in making use of the services of the FSL. The DGP, AP Government and AP Forensic Advisor have inspected jointly a site measuring 200 sq. m. at Vijayawada for locating the APFSL. Modern equipment to test samples of DNA, Cyber, Explosives, and etcetera are proposed to be purchased at a cost of Rs. 10 Crores.


Guidelines to allot plots

The CRDA has formulated certain guidelines with regard to allotment of plots to the ryots who have surrendered their lands to the Government for construction of the capital Amaravati. In the capital, residential plots will be of 100, 150, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 sq. m. and the commercial plots will be of 25, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 sq. m. area. If a ryot gets eligibility for allotment of a part of a residential of commercial plot, the ryot would not be allotted part of a plot. Instead, he would be issued a ‘salable letter of intent’ (SLOI) certificate. The ryot can sell away the piece of land pertaining to that certificate to either the CRDA or another person. The CRDA will not sell the plots so vested with them but take plots of required sizes in lieu thereof. Two or more ryots, each of whom is eligible for part of a plot, can approach jointly the CRDA to get a full plot. Those who purchase pieces of plots through SLOIs can as well approach the CRDA to get a full plot. The CRDA fixes up minimum values for the plots for this purpose.


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