Amaravati Region Updates Week03 2016

International Cricket Stadium at Mangalagiri

International Cricket Stadium at MangalagiriInternational cricket stadium has been constructed at Mangalagiri for the last fifteen years by the Andhra Cricket Association. It is located in Amaravathi Township (Mangalagiri), presently vested in the CRDA and is spread over 22 acres. The Stadium accommodates about one lakh spectators. After announcement of Amaravati as the capital of the new Andhra Pradesh State, the Association is going to finish it very fast. Sportsmen will have accommodation in it. Cricketers and sportsmen from various parts of the Country will get training in the training centre constructed therein. A sports hostel for the students has come into existence. Another sports hostel exclusively for girl students has been started at Guntur. Students from rural Andhra Pradesh are accommodated in these hostels.


Queen Victoria visited Nandigama 115 years ago

Queen Victoria115 years ago, Queen Victoria visited Nandigama, amaravati region. A pillar was constructed opposite to Rama Temple there in memory of the visit of the Queen. The pillar is now in a ruined state. There is a public demand to renovate the Rani pillar to commemorate the Queen’s visit.




Toilets at Gannavaram Air Port

Toilets at Gannavaram Air PortModern Community Latrines and Urinals have been constructed by the authorities near car-parking area at Gannavaram air port, amaravati region. They have been closed till recently as they could not arrange for their maintenance. Now staff have been appointed for the maintenance.


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