Mana Matti Mana Neeru – Amaravati Sankalpa Jyothi

Bonding among people

It is in human nature to love one’s native land and allow the emotions to surface when kindled. Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu tried to bring these emotions of people across Andhra Pradesh into play to showcase to the world, the public support he has drummed up for the mammoth task of capital building.

The Chief Minister has worked on a special formula to help people connect to the grand spectacle. ‘Sankalp Jyothi and Mana Matti Mana Neeru’ are the two drives that he is hoping, will not only bind people but also spur them to take active part in the event.

“The idea is to ensure that the ‘ neeru-matti’ reaches Amaravati and together with the Sankalp Jyothi will serve as a catalyst for bonding among people of various castes, creed and regions.”

“The lighting of the holy fire should inspire all the people to build a world class capital.”

Video on Mana Matti Mana Neeru

Video on Amaravati Sankalpa Jyothi from ABN

Mana Matti Mana Neeru – Sankalpa Jyothi Gallery


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