There is an ancient ‘Naaga script’ which tells us Agastya built the temple in 1100 BC. The region had been historically known for Buddhism. Sitanagaram is the place where the first Kalachakra ceremony was performed by Gautama Buddha. Guntur city is the third most populous city, now a part of the capital region of Andhra Pradesh. The city is renowned for education, business, e-commerce, industry and agriculture. The city is famous for its exports, including chillies, cotton, and tobacco. It is the largest producer of spice (chillies) in Asia. In Guntur city region, there is one of the most famous temples named ‘swayambhu linga.’


Guttikonda caves are referred to in the Vedic puranas referring back to the Treta Yuga and Dwapara Yuga (Traditional time scale).Kondaveedu Fort is an ancient fort and temple structure located eight miles west of the city. Guntur city is famous for gongura pickle, mirchi bajji and many south Indian pickles.

Places of visit nearby are Uppalapadu bird sanctuary, Acharya Nagarjuna university, Hailand, archeological museum, Hinkara Thitha jain temple. Guntur is famous for providing quality education from high school to graduation level. The Vedic University near Guntur is specialised in the teaching of Vedic Sciences, other related philosophies and the Vedanta. New higher institutions such as AIIMS are planned to be setup in the Guntur region. The city is well connected to the other major cities by national and state highways and Indian railways.