Hazratbal Mosque in Amaravati Region

Hazratbal Mosque in amaravati region

Hazratbal Mosque, in the city of Vijayawada in Amaravati region of Andhra Pradesh is an important shrine for Muslims. The prominence of Hazratbal Mosque is because it houses a holy relic of Prophet Mohammed who was the founder of Islam. As Prophet Mohammed is regarded as the last messenger and prophet of God by the Muslim community, Hazratbal Mosque is considered unique and considered more holy.
Once in every year, Hazratbal Mosque witnesses heavy crowd as thousands of devotees, irrespective of caste or religion, throng this place. The devotees are allowed to view the relic of Prophet Mohammed as it is considered auspicious to pay respect and devotion on that particular day and moreover it should the communal harmony existing among people.
As it is situated in the city, Hazratbal Mosque is accessible from any part of Vijayawada. You can avail the local transportation- buses, taxis and auto rickshaws and reach here.

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