Bhavani Island in Amaravati Region

Bhavani Island in amaravati region

26km from Vijayawada airport. 10.2 km by road way NH9 from Vijayawada city to bhavani island.
The nearest Railway Station is located in Vijayawad junction roughly 7 Kms from Bhavani-Island. Bhavani Island situated in the midst of the Krishna River, at Vijayawada. It is located at the upstream of Prakasam Barrage and is considered as one of the largest river island, with an area of 133 acres. The Kanaka Durga Temple is the abode of Goddess Durga. She is also known with another name as Bhavani and hence, the island is named Bhavani Island, which is located in close proximity to the temple.
Bhavani Island, one of the very dazzling and alluring places in Andhra Pradesh is located in the Krishna district. The island possesses one of the biggest lagoons in the region. It is enclosed by the River Krishna and is one of the largest river islands of the River and encompasses an area of over 130 acres.
Bhavani-Island travel guide is full of references to the enthralling beaches and serene spots of the area. It is known as one of the most beautiful and impressing islands of the state. It offers various water sport activities like snorkelling, reef walking, and kayaking, canoeing and sailing yachts. The island is a fabulous place to plan for a trip with your family and hundreds of visitors visit this place every year to enjoy the picturesque beauty of the island. The popular drink available at the island is fresh coconut water for tourists.

Events / Festivals in Bhavani-Island
Festivals are celebrated with great zeal and religious sentiments in Bhavani-Island. They are extremely colourful and promote unity and feeling of brotherhood.
Pongal:One of the most awaited events in Bhavani-Island and all over the state, Pongal is celebrated with great passion and vigour. The term Pongal signifies sweet dish of rice which is eaten on the Pongal festival day. Jaggery, Cardamom and cashew nuts are also included in this dish for the celebration. The local people dedicate this dish to God Surya, the Sun God. It is one of the most imperative and well known festivals held in the month of mid January every year.
Ugadi:Ugadi is a famous festival in Andhra Pradesh. It is considered as New Year's Day in Andhra culture and also known as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra and Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
Ganesh Chaturthi:Ganesh Chaturthi is another famous festival of the town. This festival is held in the months of August-September and is one of the famous festivals in Bhavani-Island. It is celebrated with immense passion.
Maker Sankranti:Maker Sankranti is a beautiful festival of the city and is celebrated with great rejoice. It is a celebration of the occasion of the `ascent` of the sun to the north.
Diwali:One of the most important festivals of Hindus, Diwali, is also well known by the name of “Festival of Lights” or Deepavali. It is celebrated in the month of October or November. Diwali in Bhavani-Island is celebrated with pomp and show. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped on this festival.

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