Amaravati Tourism Plan

Amaravati Tourism PlanThe Amaravati Tourism Plan proposes a number of attractions within the SEED Development area. These attractions are connected to the City wide tourism circuits which lead to the historic Undavalli Caves, and Kanak Durga temple in the east, Amaravathi Buddha Statue in the west and the Kondapalli fort in the north (Figure 4.26). Tourism developments have been planned in 4 key categories, namely Waterfront tourism, Culture and Heritage, Nature tourism, and Entertainment across the SEED Development area, based on the landscape offered. These attractions have been strategically planned to tap on the surrounding context and location within the capital city. The plan capitalizes on the existing river Krishna and the scenic island by providing key attractions along their waterfront.

Waterfront Amaravati Tourism

The 7 km (approx) long river Krishna active waterfront will be a prime tourist attraction offering scenic views and attractive waterfront parks and promenades. A wide spectrum of recreation and entertainment facilities have been planned along the waterfront, complemented by a range of waterfront hotels, resorts, F&B, service and luxury apartments.
Waterfront Promenade
A 7 km long active waterfront promenade has been planned within the SEED area. This promenade will connect the various waterfront attractions.
Amaravati Plaza
Planned along the river Krishna waterfront the grand Amaravati public plaza marks the termination of the downtown axis.

Amaravati Tourism and Heritage

The Capital City Tourism Plan focuses on preserving and protecting all key cultural and heritage sites within and beyond the Capital city. The SEED tourism plan connects to the various protected cultural and heritage destinations within the larger tourism circuit. Protection of these attractions also help in preserving the City’s local identity and culture.
Amaravati Statue
The famous Amaravati Statue is one of the key heritage tourism attractions in the city level tourism circuit.
Undavalli Caves
The historic Undavalli caves, one of the important tourism attraction will be facilitated with interpretation and public facilities.

Nature Amaravati Tourism

A continuation to the city wide green network, the SEED development area will also offer several nature based recreational parks and attractions for residents and visitors alike. These include Botanical Gardens, Wetland Park, Civic Plaza and linear parks along the existing canal.
Botanical Gardens
The Botanic gardens planned along the riverfront shall exhibit the regions local flora and fauna, and host outdoor public events.
Civic Plaza
The Amaravati civic plaza is planned along the waterfront at the termination of the ceremonial government axis, and will be used for national public celebrations.

Amaravati Entertainment

The tourism plan aims to provide a number of city level entertainment attractions for the residents and tourists. These attractions will create a unique identity for the Capital city. These attractions include the Performance Centre, Convention Centre, Indoor Sports Stadium, Downtown Entertainment clusters and Luxury resort on the island.
Convention Centre
An international level convention centre will provide MICE facilities within Amaravati city.
Indoor Sports Stadium
The indoor sports stadium will host national and international sports events and festivals attracting a large number of tourists from the region.


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