Amaravati SEED Capital

Special focus has been laid on 4 important nodes which establish the character of the Amaravati SEED Capital Development. These key nodes include Amaravati Government Core, Amaravati Downtown, Amaravati Gateway and Amaravati Waterfront. Special place making strategies have been proposed for these nodes.

Amaravati SEED Capital :Government Core

Amaravati SEED Capital-Government CoreThe government core is probably the most important area of the Capital City. It will house the seat of the state government, which is the very reason for the existence of the capital city. The Amaravati government core houses the 3 civic arms of the Andhra Pradesh state. Special design consideration has been given to this important government axis through the following place making strategies:
-> The frontage of the buildings facing the central green space are designed to be vehicle free. Vehicle access is restricted to the rear side.
-> Physical barriers between the government buildings and the green central park should be avoided as far as possible in order to allow people to experience and be as close the government functions as possible.
-> These green spaces can be uses for numerous F&B activities such as canteens, coffee shops, alfresco dinning, etc. in addition to functioning as a park where people can spend their leisure time.
-> At the same time, it becomes critical to maintain the security and allow flexibility of the spaces to increase security as and when required.

Amaravati SEED Capital :Downtown

Amaravati SEED Capital-DowntownThe Amaravati Downtown is the commercial heart of the Capital city. This area has the best access through public transit. Therefore, the following strategies will help exploit maximum potential:
-> The buildings along the central boulevard are proposed to have no setbacks and active uses such as retail, restaurants, cafes on the ground storey. These will be allowed to spill over on to the walkways in order to create an active building edge.
-> Vehicular access is discouraged along the central boulevard as it is a Major arterial road. This also allows continuity of the active building edges.
-> The buildings are designed to be integrated seamlessly with the MRT stations to allow comfort for the commuters.
-> The landmark towers that are illustrated in Figure, will be integrated with MRT stations so that commuters can directly access the buildings from the station level.
-> The corners of the building at the illustrated junction will receive special articulation in order to accentuate its importance as a transit and commercial node.

Amaravati SEED Capital :Gateway

Amaravati SEED Capital-GatewayThis node will create the first impression of the Capital City because it forms the gateway to the city and SEED development. It has been designed in a way to create the necessary impact that one needs to feel while entering the Capital City. Following strategies will help achieve the above:
-> The bridge is designed in itself to become a symbol of the city to welcome the arrivals.
-> Appropriate parcels have been identified to be developed for the Iconic Gateway towers and to emphasize the grandeur effect of entering the capital city.
-> This has been further enhanced by carefully setting back the building to create a larger green/public space in front of the building that allows one to appreciate the buildings. These will be active urban spaces with F&B, retail, and also showcasing open air performances.
-> These spaces are seamlessly connected to the wetland park and the public waterfront.
-> The rooftop of the podium building will be visible while arriving from the iconic bridge and is proposed to house open to sky public activities.

Amaravati SEED Capital :Waterfront

Amaravati SEED Capital-WaterfrontThe Amaravati waterfront is envisioned as an active public waterfront with city level commercial and recreational uses. The key place making strategies for the Amaravati waterfront include:
-> Large public buildings are proposed along the waterfront to attract people to the waterfront. In accordance to this, large public spaces have been designed to accommodate these numbers.
-> The buildings and public spaces are designed to barrier free in order to integrate the interiors and exteriors.
-> The ground level of these buildings are encouraged to have direct access from the public spaces.
-> The Amaravati plaza is a grand plaza that will be a multipurpose space housing activities such as waterfront amphitheaters, traditional street hawkers, etc in order to create an interesting yet compatible mix of activities.


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